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Review Of Dr Raffi Hovsepian MD Beverly Hills

My Botched Body by Dr Hovsepian

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This blog is about my soul destroying journey of cosmetic surgery performed by Dr Raffi hovsepian based in Beverly Hills, California.
This blog is not a platform for harassment or persecution, but it is a opportunity for me to expose what happened to me based on indisputable facts and supported with genuine photographs.
I have suffered both physically and mentally as a result of this surgery and would like more than anything to offer advice and warning to those who may be considering frivolous cosmetic surgeries. If I can prevent one person losing years of their life desperately trying to correct botched surgery then I will be happy.

I had my breasts augmented and they were huge and I hated them, I had them removed by Dr hovsepian and returned a year later for an uplift. Whilst preparing to go into surgery I asked Dr Hovsepian if the fat from my banana rolls (squishy bit on the back of the thigh, under the butt cheek) could be used to give my breasts some fullness. He said that it could not, but that he could remove that fat for a more aesthetically pleasing look. I agreed.
I will present my breast results first.

These are my breasts post lift performed by Dr Raffi Hovsepian

I was very happy with the result, however, within two months they looked like this...

They have sagged dramatically and the nipples have expanded, doubling in size within six months.
(I have been told by other surgeons that this was all the result of stitching procedure within the breast and around the nipple, this type of lift put pressure on the stitched area and it should therefore be reinforced, my stitches were not reinforced.)

I went back to Dr Hovsepian for correction, at this point I was so unhappy because I thought there was no other choice except having more implants (I still trusted Dr a Hovsepian and not having consulted with other surgeons at this point I was unaware that my breast lift had failed because it was performed poorly). I requested the smallest size available as I just wanted them to stop sagging as opposed to huge boobs. Dr Hovsepian recommended that the nipples be corrected at a later date after the implants had settled.

This is the result of my implant surgery

I was happy with this result as I felt that after the further nipple surgery, they would look pretty and natural.
Within a few months my breasts looked like this:

I had chronic capsular contraction.

I reached out to Dr Hovsepian hoping for an invitation to return for correction. I got one and it came with a fee of almost $9,000 not six months after the initial operation. I was floored by this, not to mention I didn't have $9,000.

Now let me reveal the results of my banana roll liposuction

My before butt. It's cute and average, I just wanted to lose a little fat under the butt cheek and get some more definition there, I didn't want to alter the shape of my cheeks and I made this clear to Dr hovsepian. At no point prior to the surgery was a 'thigh gap' mentioned by myself nor was it mentioned by Dr hovsepian. If it had been brought up then I would have made clear that I do not desire one, nor do I find them attractive. It is not the aesthetic I aspire to at all, that skinny girl look is NOT my thing.

Right after surgery

I remember feeling somewhat concerned that the bruising went so far up my outer thigh as I had not wanted the shape of my butt cheeks altered. The thing with liposuction is that the swelling is so intense that you don't really get a good idea of your finished results until several months after surgery when I discovered my butt would look like this....

Yup, that's the side of my butt. Contoured to f**k. The entire lower, outer portion of each butt cheek has been suctioned away and I am left with dents that show up through jeans. This doesn't look like any human body at all.

I have been given a thigh gap which I hate and so much under butt fat has been removed that my ass has collapsed and now I have four butt cheek creases, yup, four. Four butt cheek creases, can you see them all? The reason I ask is because Dr hovsepian insists there are only two creases, and that they are my natural ones. He completely refuses to acknowledge that I now have extra creases. These extra creases show through all my clothes and pinch the fabric of my jeans between them, so uncomfortable and a soul-destroying reminder every day of what has been done to me.

In addition to all this, my stitches have been done with black thread for some bizarre reason so now my scars have healed into greenish/black stained scars (one is visible even in the poorly lit picture above) which need laser treatment and possible excision which will leave me with even larger scars.

When I returned to Dr hovsepian to correct the over contouring of my butt cheeks, he fixed one. Just the one though, so now my right side looks a bit better but overall I look lopsided and wonky. Why would he just fix one side?? What is he trying to do to me??? Check out my wonky ass after that correction below

Look at the distortion when the liposuction area is exposed by bending over, it really shows my extra butt cheek creases, so much fat was removed it's outrageous 

So this whole experience has left me depressed and restricted, I can't wear a bathing suit for pure embarrassment and the shame of having done this to myself makes it worse. My thighs feel cold all the time and I have to dress to hide my disfigurement at all time. I used to be very confident but now I find myself shy and bitter, I hold back on life experiences because of my body and I haven't enjoyed a beach holiday since Dr hovsepian touched my body. Throughout all of this Dr hovsepian has been unsympathetic even accusing me of being to blame for these results because of my muscular body. I hope that this blog can help just one person make a better decision about cosmetic surgery then I will be happy. Ask the right questions, make sure you see MANY before and after shots of the surgery you will be having with your chosen surgeon before you commit. Make sure your surgeon is experienced and has many years of practice behind him. Make sure you are not having a surgery with low satisfaction rates, post-surgery I did a lot of research about banana roll lipo and roughly 90% of the stories are about bad results and corrections. It is not a surgery with a high satisfaction rate.

Feel free to contact me if you have and questions or would like any advice.

I posted an honest review of this surgery supported by the photographs you see here on the cosmetic surgery review site Real Self, Dr hovsepian is so desperate to hide how he botched my entire body that he had his lawyers get it taken down, when I queried this with Real Self they sent me this email

Basically telling me that they would not tell me how my review had violated they're terms and that I am no longer permitted to review Dr hovsepian. How shady. What kind of Dr has his lawyers ensuring that there are only 5 star reviews of him on the Internet? One you need to avoid.

Here's the email his lawyer sent to Make Me Heal threatening them to take down my review, they forwarded it to me 

His lawyer states that my reviews were taken down from sites for being inaccurate
False: they were taken down because his lawyer sent the same threatening email you see above and understandably these sites need to make money and don't want to get involved in legal matters.

His lawyer says that I have made "untrue statements" about Dr Hovsepian 
False: I have forwarded a link to this blog to Dr Raffi Hovsepians lawyer and I would love for him or Dr Hovsepian to use the comments section as a platform to expose all the 'untrue statements' I have made. 

Anyhow, that's all for now, remember to do your research people x

Edit: this blog has been reported for offensive content, I wonder who could have done that? Well I have to look at this offensive content every time I take my clothes off.

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